Poll: 98 percent of hacker wearing a ski mask on any computer

Poll: 98 percent of hacker wearing a ski mask on any computer

Munich – Who would have thought? About 98 percent of hackers and data thieves wear in the exercise of their criminal activities not ski, stocking mask or similar head covering. This has resulted in a survey conducted by the polling institute Opinion Control on behalf of postilion .

‘ Although they are often portrayed in the media, wear hacker contrary to expectations, only in the rarest of cases, a ski mask’ said Heinz Geiwasser, the head of the Institute.’ And, although those things look really cool.’

The reason the vast majority of respondents have mentioned the fact that they’ again anyway no one is watching goddamn shit’ hacking. In addition, the parts would’ rather itch’ in the long run and you hardly get air.

Of the nearly two percent of the hackers who actually wear a stocking mask with data theft or phishing attacks, stated in about one-third, they were afraid that they film themselves accidentally with their own webcam. Another third are known to have a mask fetish. The remaining respondents said they thought that one must wear a ski mask as a hacker, because that is always portrayed in the media.

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