PEGIDA supporters do not believe lies press that lies press is word of the year

PEGIDA supporters do not believe lies press that lies press is word of the year

Dresden, Darmstadt – Several thousand supporters PEGIDA have today declared in the social networks not to believe the lies Press that the term’ lies Press’ was chosen for word of the year. Previously reported numerous media, including about Spiegel Online and, consistent with the decision of a jury of linguists at the TU Darmstadt.

‘ The lies press lies yet again as printed !!!! 1 !’ Writes about an indignant visitor to the PEGIDA’s Facebook page. After all is remarkable that the message had appeared in almost all’ regimented system media’ just as if they would relate the news agency of some sort.’ Was determined’ Lies press’ voted word of the millennium, because it is so incredibly true,’ he thought.’ But this must not know.’ For safety’s sake he trusted only texts that were awkward lubricated with permanent marker on Pappplakate.

Even an entire event at the TU Darmstadt was faked. Another PEGIDA – follower, however, has prepared its own statement:’ I assume that, in truth, the word’ Islam’ was chosen for word of the year and we will only concealed. Moreover, it is obvious that the choice has not taken place in Darmstadt, but in London and not by linguists, but by the Queen of England.’

Other supporters of the movement from Dresden argue about whether it is a case of election to the word of the year’ inside job of the government’ or a’ false flag operation of the Mossad is’. Still others claim that the election had never taken place.

also allegations of alleged linguists that the term’ lies Press’ was already used by the Nazis during the Third Reich to defame independent media reported PEGIDA sympathizers back unanimously. Since this is in the lying press that it was also present at an outrageous lie.

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