PEGIDA movement split into 25,000 one-person factions

PEGIDA movement split into 25,000 one-person factions

Dresden – Is this the beginning of the end? Following the resignation of initiator Lutz Bachmann, public distancing from the Leipzig movement LEGIDA and internal disputes PEGIDA is apparently nearing resolution. Approximately 25,000 former sympathizers have announced future to demonstrate under their own leadership for their goals.

‘ Lutz Bachmann for me was the only one who has held together the store. That’s why I decided instead to start my own movement,’says about Jurgen Lechner of JULEGIDA (Jurgen Lechner against the Islamization of the West ). Lechner future marches every Tuesday at 17:22 clock the theater space by Dresden’s city center and chanted while’ We are the people !’ Other members he does not want to take to avoid infighting.

Dorothea Mueller against the GEZ fees Other New initiators have decided to go it alone, because they do not see their demands adequately represented by PEGIDA.’ The fact that the abolition of the GEZ fee is not in the core demands of PEGIDA, has always bothered me,’ said Dorothea Mueller, for example.’ After all, we’re the people!’ The founder of DOMGGEZGE, keeps Thursday between 6:30 und 7 clock from a vigil in front of the State Broadcasting House, Saxony.

‘ We see just how PEGIDA is about to break in highly specialized small groups,’ says political scientist Walter Hoff win the phenomenon.’ This has the advantage that even the smallest shades of opinion can be expressed and not threaten to drown in the inevitable homogeneity faceless large groups.’

How long is the diversity of micro- initiatives against Americanization ( HABLUGEAM ), anti -Russian propaganda ( DOBEGEARUHE ), raisins in stollen ( MASIGEROISTO ) or to always have to be ( EMFUGEIAS ) still continues remains to be seen: At least some of the new groups such as GRFZPUH, PLEMM or SCHUBIDUBIDU have already solved for various scandals again. Apparently could not deal with their new power plethora their leaders.

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