PEGIDA looking for foreigners Board because German plunk down constantly

PEGIDA looking for foreigners Board because German plunk down constantly

Dresden – This time PEGIDA wants to make everything right: In search of new members, the Alliance of Dresden seem to concentrate fully on foreign specialists. This is a listing hevor, the PEGIDA today turned in the Sachsische Zeitung . Previously, four board members had resigned exasperation at the same time.

Job posting from PEGIDA in the Sachsische Zeitung ‘ Sympathetic organizing team in transition investigated as soon as possible gain. International applicants preferred because of bad experiences with bio – German leaders. Experience in dealing with lies Press desired. You should have basic knowledge in the field of political agitation and master the German language at least rudimentary. Eyebrows not a must ! If you are a citizen of the world with patriotic views, we look forward to your meaningful decorated in simple slogans application with dictator portrait from your country of origin’ with this ad will attract to Dresden PEGIDA willing to work and uncomplicated foreign specialists.

The reason for the search for executives with a migrant background is the message from insiders that the last few weeks have shown that self-pitying and German are sensitive to the’ dirty work in the organizing team’. Moreover, locals would tend to push the blame on foreigners for errors.

Whether PEGIDA will find, however, is questionable. According to the remaining organization team just some mentally unstable acting applicants from Austria have been surprisingly expressed interest in the position.

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