Outraged Internet users on each of leaked celebrity nude pictures

Outraged Internet users on each of leaked celebrity nude pictures

Duisburg – After the theft and the publication of hundreds of private photos of celebrities by unknown hackers not only the victims themselves are shocked. Worldwide Internet users and media resent the reckless disregard of privacy. One of them is Maik H. of Duisburg. As the 23- year-old student of the postilion announced that he is outraged about each of the images.

particularly shocked got him first how easily he could see the name of the page on which the images first appeared, refer to various media reports.’ The media must be more careful with it since ! These double standards, on the one hand to get riled about it, but still nice to use the curiosity of the mass and to provide them with practical advice, where you can find the one that excites me,’said H.

For the tears of indignation The actual photos it was not then become better.’ From the first picture I have excited me tremendously about the perpetrators’ he explains.’ Impossible, as here, the privacy of other people will be trampled on. These photos were clearly not meant for the public.’

Also in the second and third image he had shaken his head.’50 Photos later, I wondered in what kind of society we live in, the struggles on the one hand against sexism and objectification of women, but in which spread intimate pictures within minutes like wildfire, ” said the 23 -year-old thoughtfully at his computer.’ In order to access the photos and get off on it at the end of every idiot.’

Currently the student is declared to save the photos on his computer to one more time to rise up later.

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