Opinion: First built BER parts already in need of renovation

Opinion: First built BER parts already in need of renovation

Berlin – Now it takes revenge that the opening date for the airport Berlin -Brandenburg was repeatedly delayed since 2011: A recent report has shown that large parts of BER are now so old that they need refurbishing. Affected are mainly those phases of construction, which were built in 2006 and 2007 and thus nearly a decade ago. The repair could set back the construction for years.

Old wall from 2006′ Until recently we were confident to deliver the current completion date of June to September 2017,’ explains Hartmut Mehdorn, who holds the post of chairman of the board of the airport until mid-2015.’ But in recent weeks, we have found that our building substance quasi wegaltert during construction. It is a dramatic race against time.’

How were about the first built railway tunnel and the underground station now in poor condition. The complex fire protection system is unusable now.’ Apparently our construction work slower than the weathering process at the airport building,’ said Mehdorn.

For the necessary renovations now a part of the currently employed with the completion of construction workers BER must be removed, so that the construction is further stalled. A shift of the official completion date for a further two to three years seems inevitable, the additional costs could amount to up to four billion euros.

But even then it is questionable whether the airport can be open on time. Experts fear that by then the parts that were built in the years 2008 to 2009 must be restored.

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