Opened first pedestrian – roundabout

Opened first pedestrian - roundabout

Frankfurt – A new pilot project in Frankfurt could soon become the Germany -wide role model: In the busy pedestrian street between Konstablerwache and Hauptwache today the first roundabout for pedestrians was opened. The city anticipates that collisions between pedestrians can thereby be reduced by up to 80 percent. Also congestion should be avoided.

The initiative for the roundabout’ Zeil 1′ came on the part of the city, after repeatedly complained about the hustle and overrun accidents in the pedestrian pedestrians.’ During the Christmas season it was particularly bad, “says Dirk Eiffel by the city council.

This pedestrian (center) did not blink. As the end of December then created a reckless pedestrian at an intersection a pile- nine wounded, the city decided to act.

‘ First, a conventional traffic lights in combination with a speed limit was planned,’ explains Eiffel.’ But then a roundabout offered as a cheap and effective alternative in which it also comes at peak shopping times rarely jams.’

The pedestrian traffic circle works here like a conventional gyro for cars. There is precedence for the traffic circle, the pedestrian flashing hand signals if they want to take an exit.

So far, the gyro seems to be well received. Partly disagreements about the operation rules when entering the roundabout to be clarified by still present order officials usually fast. Only a senior who initially found no way out, had to be rescued after half an hour Irrlauf, the city administration.

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