Northern Germany Carnival accepted as grounds for asylum

Northern Germany Carnival accepted as grounds for asylum

Hamburg, Bremen, Kiel – The interior ministers of the north German states have agreed to grant the application for asylum of the Rhineland and south German carnival refugees principle. Thus, people who want to escape the hustle and bustle in the Karnevalshochburgen now claim to asylum in Lower Saxony, Hamburg, Bremen, Schleswig – Holstein and Mecklenburg – Vorpommern.

Every year tens of thousands of people to flee before the so-called’ Foolish buzz’ in the north of the country where they have no fear of persecution because of their convictions. The most traumatized refugees come from the area around Cologne and Dusseldorf. However, several thousand people from Mainz and some Frankish Carnival strongholds looking annually salvation in Northern Germany.

One of the many thousands of displaced persons in their homeland they feel persecuted because they can not get anything happening on the streets during Carnival. Sometimes they are accosted on the street, laughed at by drunk and have to fear for their rest.

Although experience has shown that many of the refugees return back to their homeland when the reign of terror revelers abruptly ends on Ash Wednesday. But more and more want to stay in the north.’ That’s already after a few months back off, over and over again ! ” Complained a family man from Cologne. Once, when he had want to fight, had been cruelly cut him out of foolish women tie.

The Interior of Hamburg, Michael Neumann ( SPD), put the serious problem finally on the agenda, as last week, more and more lines of refugees from the south arrived. With his colleagues from the other North German states, he issued a quick decision, which grants the carnival refugees unrestricted asylum status. So that they can move freely and have a job.

new arrivals are initially placed in special shelters where they are shielded from all Carnival reporting of public service broadcasters to not tear the old wounds.

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