New specialized press photo agency in photos of dark dreinblickendem Putin

New specialized press photo agency in photos of dark dreinblickendem Putin

Hamburg – The first picture market worldwide, the newly founded FPPA has ( Free Putin Press Photo Agency ) specializes in pictures, in which Russian President Vladimir Putin is threatening or insane. The Hamburg-based company that wants to continue to provide its many media companies in Europe and overseas, so that might have discovered a gap in the market. After all, the demand for pictures of Putin unfavorably pose at a record high.

agency director and founder Hans -Dieter Much, even long-time press photographer, said:’ Our service makes it easier for newspapers and online media to always find the fiercest and most disadvantageous Putin images for their articles. We can supply large newsrooms throughout the year with always new material itself.’

From the category’ Putin sneaky grin’ The FPPA will start with the following five image categories: Putin with an icy glance, Putin threatening gesticulating, Putin standing on a conference somewhere on the sidelines Putin in Militarpose and Putin sneaky grin. ” p0 > in fact, the agency employs 30 photographers who follow the Russian President on all international conferences and meet the demand for dark Putin images around the clock.

Agency chief Much has plenty of experience as a supplier of highly specialized press images. He was most recently responsible for the DPA for images that show Angela Merkel with a determined expression.’ And before that I cared for Springer’s photos, Oskar Lafontaine,’ he says.

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