Most Popular Car of the Germans in truth rusty cars service which runs reasonably well

Most Popular Car of the Germans in truth rusty cars service which runs reasonably well

Munich – After the revelations of fraud in the award of the’Yellow Angel’ is clear: The ADAC is no longer to be trusted. The research institute Opinion Control has therefore taken the initiative to determine the true favorite car of the Germans. As surprising winner thus emerges an already slightly rusted cars, which is actually quite okay and still reasonably good moves. The vehicle brand does not matter.

As part of the first non-manipulated study for years the Germans were not asked about their dream car. Instead,

was reviewed which vehicles they actually acquired preferred in recent years and are in their garage The winning car. (Year: 1985-2004 ) was the German driver apparently with his absolute competitive price (VHB: 500-5000 Euros ) and a host of popular extras convince. So the car is available with smeared windshield, dirty floor mats or slightly squeaky fan belt

Place. 2: small car which is soon to give way to a better car lovers of the model also often opt for additional equipment such as subtle crumbs into the seat cushion crevices, empty chip bags in the side doors or bulky styrofoam child seats in the back benches. Also available individually Rostkolorationen the chassis are many drivers for this type of vehicle a must-have.

Second place went to a small car unwashed for weeks with moderate paint damage that will give way to a better car soon, if the money goes. Third place went to the vehicle that drives the guy from the car pool straight.

In preliminary views on the new results, manufacturers have shown by the survey widely severed new cars thoughtful. So have announced clearly to invest more in the next few years in the construction of used cars include Audi, VW and Opel. Industry insiders expect that already at the next International Motor Show in Frankfurt shabby first prototypes are presented.

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