Momentous confusion: Digital cameras reversed in the delivery room

Momentous confusion: Digital cameras reversed in the delivery room

Reutlingen – It is every parent’s worst nightmare: How was now known, two digital cameras in 2008 was reversed in the maternity ward of a hospital Reutlinger. The now six -year-old footage of the births of two boys stuck characterized in the photo albums of each wrong family.

According to the hospital, the medical staff can not explain how it came to the momentous mix.’ So we had in the history of our clinic a case never’ explains Dr. Uwe Fendt, the head of the hospital. “I can say that the two children came almost simultaneously to the world only.’ It therefore seems possible that it was, came to the confusion when washing, weighing and measuring, in which both child Fathers were present with their cameras.

Sylvia U. still can not believe that this will not be their own images to. The shock of the affected families relieves the admittedly little.’ My wife and I have developed a deep emotional attachment to the photos,’ said Joachim B., one of the fathers. He also spent many sleepless nights trying to edit recordings of crying infant with Photoshop.’ Then learn: These are not the images of your son that’s tough. The desire to nobody.’

The mother of the second family speaks against it by years of doubts.’ Instinctively, I somehow always knew it was not the birth of my son is pictured in these photos, but I never wanted to admit it,’ said the 34 -year-old Sylvia U. It is now considering legal action against the hospital.

What happens next with the pictures, is still unclear.’ I do not know if I can separate me after all these years of the photos and if they should now ever tear from their usual environment’, says Joachim B.’ We hold once from a psychological accompanied meeting with the other family. Since we all see what come up at the first encounter with our real photos for emotions.’

Only after that the families will jointly decide whether to return the images to their proper producers or leave them in the album where they stick for more than six years.

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