Mark Zuckerberg regrets to have come on red Facebook – off switch

Mark Zuckerberg regrets to have come on red Facebook - off switch

Palo Alto – Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has apologized that he has inadvertently pushed into the early hours of today, Tuesday the red Facebook – off button on his desk. Only 40 minutes later he noticed at random, what he had done. Zuckerberg’s social network mishap cost around 72 million dollars

Sugar Mountain (2009 ).’ Someday, when I’m sick, I push the button one last time.” Oops ! Sorry guys ! It rang at the door and I absentmindedly my coffee cup’ put on the red Facebook On / Off button, Zuckerberg wrote now in a status update on his Facebook profile.’ I was held up longer and when I came back, I saw the mess. To make matters worse, the coffee was still cold.’ Moreover he had been annoyed at the most.

Zuckerberg admitted also that he likes playing around in his spare time with the button to read hysterical # facebook down tweets on Twitter. But usually he turn Facebook after a maximum of two minutes to.

It’s not the first time that the billionaire has paralyzed his social network by mistake. In recent years, he has already come several times on the button that is on his desk next to the WhatsApp-, Instagram- and a hoodie – order switch. Has been located Zuckerberg gained particular a cat to Facebook failures

seem to pile up.

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