Marijuana only effective means to endure failed drug policy

Marijuana only effective means to endure failed drug policy

Munich – Some people have perhaps already suspected: The apparently only effective means to bear the failed drug policy of the Federal Government, is the strong use of marijuana. According to leading addiction and legal experts he were just completely left stoned enough to accept that cannabis and other soft drugs are not already legalized.

aggression, despair, stress, these are just some of the feelings that are triggered a more thorough view of the current legal situation in Germany. Real remedy for this is to create a single cannabis -induced noise about it, there is a broad consensus among experts.

Barley:’You can not eat so many hemp brownies as you want to puke as’ One of the experts that deal with the topic, Thomas Barley is. Like many of his colleagues recommended the Munich psychologist anyone who wants to deal with drug policy of the government, at least a decent joint for its own protection.’ To bear CSU politicians who demand severe punishments from the first micrograms and at the same time a pan filled with a much more dangerous drug Ma├čkrug, you have to smoke a few more.’

that the current policy its goal of reducing drug trafficking, demonstrably not reach, but instead with her criminalizing cannabis prohibition peaceful consumers for a victimless crime, although was annoying.’ But with a powerful train from the bong sees it all did not seem so bad,’ said Barley in the postilion interview.’ In addition, you automatically remembers that there is no bit difficult, despite intensive law enforcement, get at the stuff. Obviously, this also oh, beware! This is my favorite part of the song ! Bwang – bweooo -…’

More details on failed drug policy was not to ascertain, as Thomas Gerstens office was only a guitar solo later stormed out of a hundred of the Bavarian police.

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  1. Jillian Galloway says:

    Currently an estimated 87.6% of adult Americans use alcohol – that’s around 230 million people putting themselves at risk of liver disease, heart disease, brain damage, addiction and death. And these risks are not unsubstantial, for according to the CDC alcohol currently kills 80,000 people/year in the U.S. alone, and the violence and disease it causes wreaks havoc across America.

    Alcohol consumers need protection from this scourge! Alcohol consumers need the federal government to legally require all alcohol outlets to provide their customers with the opportunity to choose marijuana instead of alcohol!

    Marijuana is a perfectly suitable alternative to alcohol for the purposes of relaxing and socializing, and has the added benefit of *not* causing liver disease, heart disease, brain damage, emphysema or cancer. And as marijuana is non-toxic it therefore lacks the ability to kill anybody, and its addiction potential is only about that of coffee.

    Every pharmacy, every gas station, every supermarket that sells alcohol must be legally required to also sell marijuana. It is no longer good enough for the government to force people away from the least-harmful substance and towards the more-harmful substance! It is no longer good enough for the government to protect a law that INCREASES harm in society!!

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