Man with a sprained ankle pissed that Schumi and Merkel have stolen the show

Man with a sprained ankle pissed that Schumi and Merkel have stolen the show

Kaufbeuren – Timo Sendel man is mad. On Monday be found skiing in St. Gallen to an abrupt end, because the 37 -year-old truck driver has sprained his ankle. However, as also happens to be racing legend Michael Schumacher, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Chancellor Angela Merkel have recently had an accident while skiing, hardly anyone is interested in now for his fate certainly not the media.

Sendel man who is now back home in Kaufbeuren and the next few weeks should go with crutches, quarrels with his fate:’ The timing was really bad. If I had my skiing accident 14 days earlier, I would now famous’

Currently not evaluated. Blurred Photo taken just before the accident Sendel man is convinced that reporters had stood in front of the emergency department at St. Gallen in line to him or to interview his doctors. In Online Live tickers would have been reported in minute detail about his health and numerous Facebook pages (‘ Let’s Sendi Fighting Chess’) had been established in his honor.

speculation about the exact circumstances of the accident and the condition of their equipment as well as rhetorical questions, such as Sendel’s family should ever bear the blow or who will represent him in the forwarding, as long as he is on sick leave, could fill entire newspaper pages.

‘ Instead, I now look like a free- skiers who tries everything to make the headlines. Do you co-wrote it?’, So Sendel man over postilion .’Stop, where are you going? I will do nothing of my helmet camera…’

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