Man who at any time can log personal bankruptcy, angry because Greeks haircut want

Man who at any time can log personal bankruptcy, angry because Greeks haircut want

Hamburg – Frank Wollner (44 ) from Hamburg is angry at Greece so angry that he clicks with each article on the’ bankrupt Greeks’ to’ Wut’ button. Especially bold is the machinist who at any time to negotiate a settlement with its banks in case of emergency or personal bankruptcy could sign that the new Greek government going for a haircut after seven years of crisis.

It makes sense: people can always have a haircut, calling in’Image’ a haircut. ( Warning: link really leads to’ enlarge’)’This is a disgrace ! They should pay back all ! I must also pay back my debts !’, Calls the 44 -year-old family man, he should not ever be able to service its debt, thanks to personal bankruptcy and subsequent residual debt (286 ff. Insolvency Act ) would be virtually debt free within three to six years. Alternatively, it could with its creditors on a comparison ( = haircut ) negotiate.

‘ We have thrown the Greeks in the last seven years, enough money in the throat and a living the high life’, is Wollner, although the money from the rescue packages for the most part the creditors and banks zugutekam.’ The Greeks have the upon itself and should look like they’re there alone get out again ! ” Complains the 44- year-old, words like these would never hear if he would get themselves into financial trouble.

‘ own fault !’, Wollner pushes. To what extent unemployed young Greeks, who were at the beginning of the crisis just 15 years old,’ blame yourself’ can be, he no longer likes explain because he again wants to dedicate the message is read. Meanwhile, namely two more Image -Article about Greece appeared in which he has not yet clicked on the’ anger’ button.

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