Majority would prefer devastating attack Godzilla boring Euro crisis: survey

Majority would prefer devastating attack Godzilla boring Euro crisis: survey

Munich – 92 percent of all Germans would suffer instead of the boring and complicated euro crisis rather have a devastating attack by the Japanese monster Godzilla, which would cause the same cost approximately. A survey by the pollster Opinion Control .

Heinz Geiwasser, the institute’s director, considers this result for little surprising:’ EFSF lever, stability union, debt limit: Not for nothing throw most newspaper readers the business section of the first dry off. The euro crisis is not only much too complicated, but also incredibly boring. No wonder, then, that so many people long for a crisis with a greater entertainment value, they also understand better.’

Then maybe Godzilla: Merkel spewing attack a 100 -meter giant lizard, nuclear fire rays and attracts a swath of destruction through Europe, would indeed similar economic damage as the current crisis, but would have the advantage that the population the problem ( Godzilla ) and its solution ( Godzilla kill ) would be more easily understood.

Also would see almost all respondents in the main news rather like tanks and helicopter gunships Godzilla take at the Brandenburg Gate in vain under fire when Angela Merkel to observe how they tried to reach a Chancellor majority for the next enlargement of the rescue.

the Godzilla variant is admittedly the most popular, but only one of many horror scenarios from which respondents could choose 1002 instead of the euro crisis. If potential for multiple answers and 85 percent said they would welcome the resumption of the Cold War, 63 percent would prefer to visit the mother and still startling 14 percent would’ rather just dead, when this Krisengesulze already do that to umpteenth year in a row’.

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