Lothar Matthaus new players observers of the U-20 women’s national team

Lothar Matthaus new players observers of the U-20 women's national team

Berlin, Herzogenaurach – finally has found his place in the DFB Lothar Matthaus. The 53 -year-old’s most capped player will be as a player observer for the U-20 women’s national team in action now. To Matthew’s mission is to discover and promote young talent, a spokesman for the DFB belong.

Standing soon under intense scrutiny: U20 players Lothar Matthaus praised on a first press conference the foresight of the DFB:’I am very glad that you finally recognizes the qualities of a Lothar Matthaus.’ The newly wed means Franke announced to observe the young players so intense’ as none before.

‘ because I have been one or the other in the eye,’says Matthew.’ The I will examine thoroughly and undergo a stress test.’

The most capped player gives himself a perfectionist. He asks about to receive special access to the cabin in doubt’ to stay tuned as close as possible to the players can’.

In addition, Matthew is planning his own words, to keep internationally for talent for the national team out. Especially in Eastern Europe there are promising young players who only have to be naturalized for a career in the DFB.’ But I’ve also been a one-trick pony, how to solve the whole bureaucratic’ Matthew said with a wink.

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