Like reporters after months of waiting before Schumi’s hospital room into a coma

Like reporters after months of waiting before Schumi's hospital room into a coma

Grenoble – Tragic incident in Grenoble: A Focus Online reporter has collapsed at his research at the local university hospital with exhaustion and has since been in a coma. The man had endured for months before the hospital room of Formula 1 stars Michael Schumacher to convey to his readers every detail discreet and serious about the health of the severely injured Germans in a live ticker can.

The 36- year-old journalist was found unconscious and completely dehydrated on a couch in front of Schumacher’s hospital room in the University Hospital of Grenoble. There he had researched day and night to the tragic case of the superstars or waylaid prominent members of the victim.

Dangerous patch: Grenoble According to a colleague he had traveled about seven kilometers a day on foot, to inquire at all the employees of the clinic from the cleaning lady to cook the coffee shop for new rumors or their personal assessment of the situation. He had fed exclusively of lemonade and chocolate bars from the kiosk the hospital since late December.

The employer of the reporter, who raised an alarm after he received a full 15 minutes of inactivity news updates more, was on Wednesday dismay.’We keep the other hand, now the media exploit this issue. Must not do this’, commented the Speaker of the Burda publishing house.’We will bring in our neugeschalteten live ticker again clearly expressed !’

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