Lesson learned: Marco Reus goes from now on only motorcycle and truck

Lesson learned: Marco Reus goes from now on only motorcycle and truck

Dortmund – Marco Reus is remorseful after he was fined for years of car driving without a license with a fine of 540,000 euros, BVB star has promised provisional only to ride the bike. When driving in bad weather, however, he would to purchase a truck

Insightful. Marco Reus Reus told reporters opposite:’ Since I have built real crap. As of now, I do not drive more car until I have made ​​up my driving test. We promise!’ Until then, he’ll willy-nilly take the motorcycle for training or at other times.’ Motorcycling has taught me a buddy when I was 15. Something not forgotten,’said Reus

In a truck -. Reus’ alternative in bad weather – although he had previously never sat at the wheel, but that does not look difficult, according to the National Players.’ I guess, who has so much driving experience as I get probably the way loose. However,’

the time being, the BVB professional wants to recover from the media hype surrounding his case.’ I fly on weekends only once on holiday. Fortunately for me, a good friend who lent a nice little sports plane.’

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