Leipzig Zoo elephants investigated on 450 – euro basis

Leipzig Zoo elephants investigated on 450 - euro basis

Leipzig – Due to restructuring the Zoo Leipzig has today announced a new elephant authority morning. The candidate should be a team player, be at least 2.50 meters tall, gray and holding a trunk. After a six-month probationary period a Permanent full-time is not excluded, the Zoodirektion. The position could be taken up in a successful bid immediately.

first candidate on the way to a job interview According to the company, the company now employs over 9,500 animals, most of them part-time or commission. The work areas are clearly structured, the pleasant working atmosphere second to none. According to zoo director Jorg Junhold many of the employees there have only met on the spot and started families.

Elephants belong According Junhold next chimpanzees, lions and guards the darlings of visitors, but are hard to come by on the German labor market with the appropriate qualifications. Therefore, the company has the international bid more on skilled workers from India or Africa

The conditions:. Offered for 54 hours a month of the elephant gets on probation in addition to the 450 euros and meals as well as a place to stay. But he agrees to leave now and then the hiding place to shoot a few rounds and, where appropriate, noisemakers in the direction of the visitors. Water fountains would be nice, but loud Junhold not part of the mandatory requirements.

Experience has shown, however, may take several months until a suitable candidate is found. Therefore, to experienced staff, including a hippo and two monkeys Until the position is filled, represented the missing elephant.

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