Late confession: Helmut Schmidt cheated on his menthol cigarettes unfiltered Gauloises

Late confession: Helmut Schmidt cheated on his menthol cigarettes unfiltered Gauloises

Hamburg – the first time the former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt has publicly admitted to having cheated on his beloved Reyno -White – menthol cigarettes.’ I had a brief relationship with filterless cigarettes Gauloises brand of’ writes the 96 -year-old former chancellor in his new book. It remains unclear whether Schmidt has just puffing or smoking on the lungs.

on the timing and length of flirting with the brand then in force as wicked Schmidt remains vague. The affair was held at the end of the sixties or early seventies, the former chancellor. Rumor Schmidt should have the unfiltered Gauloises met no later than 1971, when he settled an agreement on Franco-German arms exports in his capacity as Secretary of Defense. gotten

Never all about the separation: Gauloises’ I did not mean the relationship very much’, writes Schmidt. Most clash between him and the Gauloises would not have lasted more than five minutes. Since it was only gone for sheer satisfaction of physical needs. but

The relationship was apparently so tight that Schmidt’s tobacconist meantime offered him the separation from his 20 – month subscription rod of menthol cigarettes. He himself had but kept for a’ totally outlandish idea.’

By the time he became Chancellor, Schmidt had the Gauloises finally placed in favor of his long -time regular brand because of the menthol fresh scent of White Reyno have fit better in his eyes to the office of Chancellor.

According to information from the postilion the former chancellor remained unfiltered Gauloises even after separation in friendship together and smells regularly at his old ashtray.

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