Kim Jong -un offended because world listens only to misleading IS Threats

Kim Jong -un offended because world listens only to misleading IS Threats

Pyongyang – Kim Jong -un has enough: The rest of the world should take him seriously again. The North Korean leader criticized today on state television that no one noted his threats against the West, while the wrong threats of terrorist organization IS regularly provide headlines.

‘ Halloho ! We are still here !’, Kim warns in his speech.’ When it comes to threats, North Korea for over 50 years, the greatest nation on the globe.’ The IS contrast, have, as was his country has no significant tradition in the field.’ Do not even have nuclear weapons’ rants Kim.

threaten anyone who does not take seriously Kim Jong -un: nuclear annihilation’ The only threaten yet therefore is the fact that they blow up the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and the White House, because they are not capable of this building really blow’ is the offended dictator consider.’ Otherwise they would have already done it yet.’ He could not believe that the world fall for such cheap tricks and see through the propaganda of the Islamists in the media also find distribution.

North Korea have, as was the IS have the capacity to wipe out South Korea, Washington DC lay in ruins or to transform the West into a sea of ​​flames. Furthermore, he had himself, in contrast to IS- Caliph al- Baghdadi a worldwide reputation and charismatic leader behind the threats am a whole people.’ And did I mention that we have nuclear weapons and the Islamic State is not it?’

If you do not immediately stop the Islamists in Iraq and Syria in order to launch unrealistic threats, Kim Jong -un threatening to the territory of the IS within only 24 hours to the ground going. To the west of the dictator threatened addition, contrary to the IS equal to blow up the whole of France, England and the US if his threats are not taken seriously in the future.

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