Jogger uses last reserves of strength to dynamically vorbeizusprinten to group women

Jogger uses last reserves of strength to dynamically vorbeizusprinten to group women

Heidelberg – It was a necessary sacrifice: A jogger today in Heidelberg his last reserves of strength consumed with stomach pulled vorbeizusprinten to a group of women and to act as dynamic as possible. This was announced by the 26 -year-old Jonathan E. Then from his hospital bed with, where he is currently recovering from the incident.

According to the company, the untrained amateur athletes was nearing the end of its approximately four -kilometer run course, when suddenly three young women entgegenwalkten. What followed was referred the student as’ the worst two minutes’ of his life: He decided, despite its desolate Constitution to an athletic sprint with a broad chest and upright view.

One of many unnecessary cramps on German jogging trails’ It was damn hard case to act so cool, as if that were my normal average speed but what could I also can do?’ complains now shaken by convulsions amateur runners,’ Finally, one of which has looked very mannerly and I think she has looked for about half a second in my direction.’

But after Jonathan E. the women had happened, his ordeal was not over yet.’ I could not simply turn around in order to check whether I still look up. Otherwise would have thought I am interested in, “he explained. So he sprinted with tight glutes until he was safely out of sight, where he finally collapsed exhausted.

Jonathan fate It is not an isolated case. Scientists estimate that to impress all violations of recreational sports such as arise trial, members of the individually preferred sex up to 70 percent. Prone athletes, experts advise, therefore, to one training away from the gym and public roads.

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