IT experts elect Mb2.r5oHf – 0t the safest password of the world

IT experts elect Mb2.r5oHf - 0t the safest password of the world

Hamburg – Heartbleed, vulnerabilities, e- mail data theft: More and more people do legitimately concerned about their password security. But that could soon be closing. The Chaos Computer Club (CCC ) today Mb2.r5oHf – 0t officially the safest password in the world. Previously in extensive test series all popular password – cracking programs had failed at the sophisticated string.

‘ The string Mb2. r5oHf – 0t is simply impeccable: It contains uppercase letters, lowercase letters, punctuation and numbers without two characters in the same category would follow one another at any point’, says Malte Winkler from CCC.’ Therefore, one can say with complete justification: Who protects with Mb2.r5oHf – 0t, which is safe. Guaranteed.’

Even with standard measurement tools for password security code achieves the best values ​​.

Concerned users are advised as soon as possible on all accounts Mb2. convert r5oHf – 0t.

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