Insecure citizens because strange white stuff falling from the sky

Insecure citizens because strange white stuff falling from the sky

Cologne, Stuttgart, Munich – A meteorological enigma currently provides in large parts of southern, western and central Germany disquiet. The reason: In many regions fell a yet unknown wet and cold, light weight from the sky during the day. In many places the substance remained, and colored the landscape a bright white. According to authorities, there is no danger for the population.

‘ It was scary, ” says Housewife Renate P. from Stuttgart to the postilion .’ Suddenly I felt something cold on the nose. I look up and watch that because it trickles down white stuff. Very quietly. Looked like where you live in the freezer.’ Mrs. P. fled then together with other passers-by in a store where they persevered for several hours.

‘ Maaammmiiiiii ! I’m afraid!’ Meanwhile, meteorologists have a ready explanation for the phenomenon. Thus, it is not as originally believed, be volcanic ash or radioactive fallout.’ Rather, we have to do it in the white matter with a special form of precipitation, as otherwise are known from Scandinavia or from old stories “, says Susanne Brauer from the German Weather Service.’ In the past, this substance has often in the winter time covered much of Europe.’

While the authorities consider the precipitation so far for non-toxic, but at least on motorists seems the unknown mass to have a bizarre effect. Many of them react in panic and confusion and appear within a very short time to completely forget even the most basic rules of the road. For now, why should the municipal winter services block all roads with extremely slow-moving clearing and gritting vehicles until the situation has calmed down.

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