Incredible! Petition against Lanz after every media report on their success more success

Incredible! Petition against Lanz after every media report on their success more success

Berlin, Hamburg – journalists across the country are all excited because an online petition entitled’ Out with Markus Lanz from my radio talk !’ after every media report an even larger number of signatories than before. Due to the fast growing number of signatories new articles appear daily with link to the launched on 17 January petition to the ZDF. Meanwhile, the count of the petition, the attractiveness seems unabated, even at over 219,000 222,000 225,000 !

‘ It is incredible!’ Marvels editor Stefan W. from the online industry service Meedia , the most Jan. 20 as one of the first pointed to the petition.’ The petition to had just 7,500 supporters, when I saw the article”ve written online petition against Markus Lanz’ with the link to the petition.’

What is the secret of their success?: online petition on the same day also reported in an article with a link to the petition of 9,000 signatures, the Cologne Express announced a little later again that already 12,000 persons the petition involved. More media followed

Just one day later, on 21.1, presented the’ Augsburger Allgemeine’ and surprised to find that the -.. Each well Linked – Petition already 20,000 and 25 respectively. Had 000 signatories found. More numbers provided on the following days along with many other’ Pro Sieben’ ( 27,000 ),’ Epoch Times ( 50,000 ),’ SZ’ ( 80,000 ) and’ Spiegel Online’ ( 130,000 ).

due to the increasing number addition were the signatory written numerous opinion articles and comments with a link to the petition in which the lance was either criticized or defended against the’ autocratic network community’.

Given the fact that the anti – lance petition may be recorded steady growth even after over 1000 well- linked media reports about the petition, plan the major media houses in Germany set up a joint investigation team. Object of experienced media journalists should be to research the story behind the success of the petition and documented in a long series of articles.

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