Helmut Schmidt is looking forward to the Olympics in 2024 in Hamburg

Helmut Schmidt is looking forward to the Olympics in 2024 in Hamburg

Hamburg – the German Olympic Sports Confederation ( DOSB) will bring the Summer Games in 2024 to Hamburg or Berlin and is looking forward to most: former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt and Hamburg veteran. A dream come true would go for it, if he could see the Olympic events live in Hamburg, the grand master of the SPD to the postilion . Everything now depends as to whether the Hanseatic city awarded the contract.

Schmidt would not like to wait another four years until 2028, it should not work with the application for 2024.’ But I’m too impatient. But if in doubt as my menthol cigarettes inventories to 2053′, the former chancellor.

‘ Olympic Games’, said the former interior minister of the Hanseatic city before he drew on his cigarette,’ in my hometown Hamburg would be,’said Schmidt in front of a seconds pause and another train on his cigarette,’ a real pleasure !’, Which he acknowledged with a few smoke rings. Even as a child he had cheered the Olympians on people’s receiver.

‘ This is undoubtedly an experience that I will never forget in my life,’ said Schmidt. But one could talk about it in detail in one of the many ARD talk shows then yes still. If, however, instead of Hamburg Berlin awarded the contract, the former chancellor would be saddened something but subsequently preferred visit with SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel competitions in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium. ” But wait ! ” Says Schmidt.’ Until then, which is long since out of the picture.’

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