Guides: How to keep your energy costs down despite rising electricity prices

Guides: How to keep your energy costs down despite rising electricity prices

Berlin – The green power allocation for households is expected to increase from 3.5 to 5.3 cents, which shows once again why the current vernacular known as’ invisible gold that hurts when you lick off’. Now, because even people who understand the environment does not matter finally have a good reason to save power, the postilion has researched and the most important tips and tricks collected. How to save money:

Reduce your consumption:

Furzkissen use more sustainable wind energy 1. Use instead of tasers when shaking hands rather power-saving fun stuff such as spray flowers, whoopee cushion or a bucket of water on top of the door to increase your popularity.

2. Turn your perpetual motion machine off when you leave the house.

. 3 Do not use power -eating toys like vibrator, sybian or electric nipple clamps and adjust according to the old custom of fathers and mothers to manual operation. Alternatively, you can also talk to your partner for sexual intercourse. Tip: Leave ecological and aesthetic reasons while the light from

4. Child Safety Locks prevent the little ones constantly wasting valuable energy if it pulen with scissors or knitting needles in the socket..

You worry before:

In the back left is often a little stream 1. Old batteries should not be thrown away. Open it instead as needed with a hammer and scrape every last remnant of electricity from the corners together.

2. Fill. Your freezer before the price increases with cheap electricity and thaw it on when needed

. 3 Set up an industrial company with very high power consumption and apply for an exemption from the eco- Assessment

Are you independent of energy companies.

Your purchase is worth always: pig in a poke 1. Get your power from nature: Strikes get caught using long metal rods in a storm, buying a pig in a poke can be used to generate static electricity (deep scratch ! ) And each freshly squeezed eel results 20 to 50 kWh.

2. Wipe secretly the tank of the electric car of your neighbors empty with a hose.

3. Buy a hamster wheel with Dynamo, to generate your own electricity. Tip: Electrical robot hamster eat less grains and not make as much dirt


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