Guides: About the changeover to digital satellite reception

Guides: About the changeover to digital satellite reception

- The digital age has finally begun. Tonight at three clock analog TV satellite signal was an off once and for all and completely surprising after only two years of intense warning. So you nor your average three and a half hours RTLII can still enjoy daily, clears the postilion of the most important questions:

Why was the analogue satellite signal ever switched off?

Analogue satellite receivers have a major shortcoming: they just do not go broke. Disconnecting the signal millions of consumers are forced to buy a new device. These are then the valid standard until the digital satellite signal in April 2014 in favor of the so-called Action – HD satellite reception in Super Wide Format 32: 4 is turned off

What is digital or analog . The term’ analog’ (v. lat. anus ) means something like’ ass’, while digital ( v. lat. digitus ) with’ finger on’ or is translated’ the finger’. How do you bring together these two pieces of information, of course

Typical firewood powered analog device is up to you. How can I tell if I receive digital or analog?

While modern digital receivers with so-called’ power’ from the’ socket’ work, most analog receiver older analog receiver from the imperial era and models are still classic run on fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas or wood from the Weimar Republic even with steam or two running in circles oxen.

What should I do if I have so far only an analog receiver?

Since the program when it goes into some static or a black screen, is unlikely to be bad, you have to actually do anything.

Can I use my old receiver is also easy even convert to digital?

Yes. Pushing the cabinet with a 12 Flanschschraubflachflanschschlussel and remove any imitation cheese, which has formed inside the receiver, with a Analogkaseentferner (4.99 euros at Schlecker ). Then locate the processor of your device. Sclerosing then see the numbers 2 to 9 with a 7 -inch number crunching desolate, so that only the 1 and 0 are left. Voila, you receive digital

Unfortunately analogous: Rolex What else should I pay attention

since today also all analog clocks stopped working?. But most tick one to two days to finish. So do not you empty-handed or Wrists stand, please send your Rolex or analog gold pocket watch just to the postilion editorial staff. We will then send you a brand new digital clock from ultra-modern to plastic.

Where can I get at the May Day a digital receiver from, where it is a public holiday?

If you can not muster the wherewithal to purchase a receiver or come to shop tomorrow, there is a very easy way how to if need be on May Day come to a digital receiver for lau !

Sometimes needed: work on Labor Day this is how it works:

1. simply visit the traditional Maikrawalle in a German city of your choice

2. Call. “Down with this temple of capitalism !’

. 3 Chuck a the shop window of an electronics specialty store with a paving stone.

4. Get one to three models that appeal to you.

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