Great Wall of Berlin seeks to reduce measles epidemic

Great Wall of Berlin seeks to reduce measles epidemic

Berlin – Is the capital soon surrounded by a meter- high wall? The Federal Ministry of Health plans claims to completely cut off the stricken measles Berlin with a fortress-like walls ring from the rest of Germany. This should further spread of the highly contagious infectious disease can be prevented.

If the intention of building a wall: Hermann Grohe’ We have decided to deal with the measles epidemic for a historically proven approach’, says Health Minister Hermann Grohe (CDU ) in his new office in Bonn.’ The new anti – morbillistische defense will make Berlin following the example of medieval Pestinseln A measles island, from which the disease can not break.’

For the duration of the quarantine is planned to drop regular food and other essential items such as fuel, Apple products and retro wheels input using an air bridge over the city. In addition, relatives and friends are trapped in Berlin explicitly encouraged to support their ailing relatives and friends by post with consumer goods.

The Berlin residents are encouraged to remain quiet during the construction of the Wall and to refrain from any attempts to escape due to an acute risk of infection. In any case, they must, according to the Ministry of Health to worry about their future: after five to seven years, the wall could be torn down again, and the search for survivors start


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