Government decides Sundays and Public holidays for online shops

Government decides Sundays and Public holidays for online shops

Berlin – It’s official: The Federal Cabinet decided in its meeting yesterday a bill to regulate the opening times of online shops on Sundays and public holidays. The new law provides for a complete closure of shops in the affected periods. Exceptions there should be only for online shops near the train station and tourist centers.

How today reported from the Ministry of Economy, penalizing the previous continuous opening times of online trading the regular retail.’ The new Sunday and holiday scheme aims to create and ensure fair trade practices that the retail sector of digital competition does not continue to fall behind,’ said a spokesman.

Employees in online trading future have more time for the family. In addition, traders would currently overused on the Internet by opening online shops on Sundays and public holidays over and limited in family life.

On behalf of the CSU, the proposed change was particularly welcome. The CSU was’ the Einkauferei on the day of the Lord’ quite some time now an eyesore.

Not only because the law comes in CSU -led Ministry of Transport and digital infrastructure for approval. Stricter regulation can be seen there also positive in terms of the network infrastructure. Thus, the proposed network expansion for fast Internet access in rural areas could be displaced by years because the freed on Sundays and public holidays bandwidth resources now bridging were available. should be examined whether the different regional arrangements come to shop opening times on weekdays, use

Next. If this were the case, would have online shops close in Bavaria and Saarland soon by 20 clock, in Rhineland -Palatinate Saxony and by 22 clock. In Baden- Wurttemberg, in turn, no alcohol should be online Monday to Saturday 22-5 clock are sold.

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