Germany calls on Greece to reparations for Costa Cordalis

Germany calls on Greece to reparations for Costa Cordalis

Berlin, Athens – Greece’s debt dispute to experience a new twist: The federal government announced today to provide reparations to Athens for over the past decades by pop music of Costa Cordalis their suffering. Overall, the requirements for 15 albums since 1965 amounted to 11 billion euros by chance, the same amount that Greece demands of Germany as compensation for forced loans from the Nazis.

Vicky Leandros also potential for conflict. About 80 percent of the total relates to’Anita’ ( 1976). To date, the terrible effects of Cordalis’ biggest hit in German beer tents were to be found, argued the federal government. But the words’ I met her somewhere in Mexico alone’ would be enough to trigger traumatic memories in the form of catchy, where parties.

But Cordalis’ jungle camp participation in 2004 and the resulting single’ Jungle Beat’ cost around 530 million euros.

The Greek government has now rejected the demands of harsh. In their view, the Germans – responsible for the rise of Cordalis to pop star – unlike the Greeks at the forced loans.

international law experts hold the German advance other reasons for daring: So other States could ask about reparations for Modern Talking Germany and thus drive with ease into bankruptcy, citing the German demands


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