Genetic engineers succeed unicorn without a horn – clone

Genetic engineers succeed unicorn without a horn - clone

Stockholm – It is a milestone in genetic research, which was only now: Swedish scientists have succeeded for the first time in a sensational experiment to clone a fully viable unicorn. From known from fables and myths original it differs only in detail: In the cloned animal researchers have avoided for safety reasons at the pointed horn.

As the team proudly announced at a press conference today, is now almost two years of animal that goes by the name Stella, healthy and fully viable. Legs, head, tail, hooves and the white coat color phenotypes reflected the strength of an unicorn. With a rainbow in the background is unicorn mare Stella, mainly of grass, hay, carrots and oats feeds, virtually indistinguishable from their mystical counterparts.

The first unicorn had the genes of the animal, the researchers reconstructed previously spent years on the basis of frozen Unicorn genetic material from the Finnish tundra. With the gray mare who bore it artificially fertilized ovum Unicorn, Stella has therefore nothing in common.

A commercialization of groundbreaking research has not yet been planned according to official figures. However, with further success was a commercial unicorn breeding to fund future research possible, says Philipp Svenson, the leader of the group.

At the same time, the biologist said that he was working with his team already working to clone another mythical beast. The Pegasus Holger, which is currently held by an in vitro fertilization of the same mare as Stella, is supposed to be an exact replica of the legendary winged horse of Greek mythology from head to tail. Only on the wings, the researchers want to miss, so that the shy animal does not fly away them.

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