Genetic defect inherited from mother: Woman can not have children

Genetic defect inherited from mother: Woman can not have children

Julich – It’s just not fair: Due to a rare genetic disorder Silke Rembrandt ( 27) can not have children of Julich. She would have wanted so much. But already for at least five generations of women are barren in their family.

‘ Even my mother could not fulfill her dearly cherished desire for children’, says the assistant.’ It was not until the age of 32 and after numerous attempts to get pregnant, she learned that her mother, so my grandmother, was barren.’ Silke Rembrandt remembered to have seen her mother often sad.’ I think – and I’m here with my siblings agree – that it is broken inside it.’

Her children wish remained unfulfilled: Rembrandt’s grandmother Hedwig Dietrich ( 84) A genetic test finally confirmed the terrible suspicion: Both Rembrandt’s mother and her grandmother have the same abnormality on chromosome 22 in the pair. Childlessness in their family can even into the 18th century Agathe Meyer, a laundress Aachen, traced.

With her ​​own illness Silke Rembrandt has since resigned. But since she is pregnant with a girl, she worries. The fear that their unborn daughter could suffer from a genetic defect, it can not rest.’ I would wish her so much that the nightmare is finally over.’ After all, her husband and their two sons give her strength


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