Fundraiser for firecrackers for the world raising money to buy New Year Firecrackers for East Africa

Fundraiser for firecrackers for the world raising money to buy New Year Firecrackers for East Africa

Berlin – In Europe, the fireworks at midnight is an essential part of any successful New Year. In East Africa, however, many people of firecrackers, rockets and howlers can only dream of. To help them, aimed at the charity gala’ firecrackers for the world’ on Monday (RTL at 20:15 clock ) in Berlin at least five million euros to be collected.

Numerous celebrities from business, media and politics have on their participation the gala confirmed.

How should the East African sky look at New Year’s Eve.’Many German already know that there is currently a lack in East Africa in many respects,’ says the philanthropist and the initiator of the action of shear Leon home.’Champagne, sparklers, raclette cheese, to name just a few. With’ firecrackers for the world’ we want to help, at least to eliminate the worst hardship.’

These are to be flown in good time before New Year’s Eve several tons of fireworks to Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti and Somalia to allow the people there a Chinese New Year in dignity.’ During this time, in the often gebollert with us in abundance, we must not forget those who have no firecrackers,’ said shearing home.’ If everyone at even half the money he spends on New Years Eve for firecrackers and rockets’ firecrackers for the world’ donate, we have reached our destination quickly.’

The late date for the event explained by shear home with German law. So one could acquire the earliest much needed firecrackers in retail from 29 December, to send them to Africa. However, thanks to the logistically well established organization’ pyrotechnician Without Borders was warranted that 31 midnight famine -stricken East Africa in the sky is illuminated colorful time.

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