Fresh longer: Tupperware now offers coffins and urns

Fresh longer: Tupperware now offers coffins and urns

Orlando – With kitchen products Tupperware has become known worldwide. Now the US company wants to conquer a new market: From now on, the range is extended by a collection of novel plastic coffins and -Urnen. The distribution of the products will be mainly through so-called Tupperware Leichenschmause following burials.

Tupperware box with practical level indicator Like already in the known storage containers for food, the new Tupperware coffins are distinguished mainly by their plastic design and its air- and water- tight seal. Moreover, they are rot proof according to the manufacturer.

‘ Many of our customers swear a lifetime on our products. Since it is only logical that they can be divided uppers after her death, ” says a company presentation for marketing strategy.’ With Tupperware preserved corpses remain up to five years longer fresh.’

The target audience for the research looks especially older housewives and low-income earners that have a classic wooden coffin can not afford or want.

The favorable Tupper Coffin model (‘ Cool’ n’ Fresh’ ) will be available at a competitive price of only 299 euros, the urn (‘ Combi-Plus’) costs 99 euros. In addition, a bouquet of plastic flowers and a cookbook with 101 recipes are included for the best funeral feast in the set.

coffin and urn are shipped with a lifetime warranty, are dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe, so the manufacturer.

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