Freak of nature? Researchers discover doe with Arschgeweih

Freak of nature? Researchers discover doe with Arschgeweih

Bautzen – For the first time researchers have observed animals in the wild deer with a tramp stamp. The female specimen had been photographed last week by a team of zoologists at Bautzen graze. Whether behind the peculiar deformation a genetic defect, a new step in the evolution or just a mere fad plugged in, the scientists have not been able to unambiguously explain.

On the odd copy the Saxon researchers discovered, unexpectedly, after they had followed the trail of a pack of wolves in the woods around Bautzen.’ Suddenly this magnificent Damtier stood before us in the clearing. An impressive eight -ended antlers emblazoned on its mirror ( = posterior, Anm.d.Red.)’, Hans Jorg Fritzsche, first President of the Zoological Society Ostsachsen recalls.

Has rather abgetornt by the intrusive body jewelry ladies: Hirsch Apparently, the phenomenon was still on for three others animals from the same herd. Especially curious: The mutation was observed only at hinds male counterparts do not seem affected

‘ We can only speculate as to whether this is an evolutionary development or simply a nasty freak of nature,’ says Fritzsche..’ But we tap on the latter.’

For although the hinds presented their striking linkage demonstratively, it could be seen no real benefit. On the contrary, Fritzsche’s team found that the unusual jewelry retired as a sexual attractant on the rump and even on brunftige deer apparently had a deterrent effect.’ The males felt very uncomfortable and wedged in the act even in part,’ says Fritzsche after careful observation.

The lovingly dubbed by scientists as’ tramp stamp’ mutation appears after an initial assessment as determined by the rump of the hinds of being one, that it is not – as usual with antlers – each year is dropped and re- grows. Instead, it is likely to end of life of the animals have on hand and slipping deeper and deeper, especially in old age and be unsightly.

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