Former TV star KITT plunges into California from cliff

Former TV star KITT plunges into California from cliff

Los Angeles – Last night jumped the former TV series Star KITT at the age of only 33 years in a bay near Los Angeles in the total loss. The tragic suicide of perhaps the most famous television car in the world lined up for some companions of the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am for some time off.

In his role as the eponymous character in the series’ Knight Rider’ KITT world famous in the’80s. After deposition of the series (1986 ), there were still several continuation trials and’ Knight Rider’ game – movies, but the original KITT was replaced by other, more recent vehicle models. It broke his petrol pump, say friends.

KITT at a book signing at which nobody came: that was open his door gaping wide, he did not notice. For a long time the sensitive Pontiac therefore withdrew from the spectacle shop until he in the 90s again wanted to reinvent itself. KITT could be painted burgundy, installing a French language system and wanted to break into the art-house segment. However, apart from an appearance as extras’Current Parktes Auto 3′ in a Haneke he got no more roles. Last followed the total crash: KITT was in the porn film’ Chitty Chitty Gang Bang’ ago in which several actors had on him and in sex.

The tragic fate of KITT shows that after a hard body is often in a vulnerable electronics. A neighbor reported that the deceased suffered from depression for a long time:’ He hardly left the garage, sometimes we heard him speak or cry out for Michael Knight with itself.’

Allegedly, his mechanic last stretched him the gasoline increasingly in the 80s with the widespread designer drug lead. In the fall of 2009 drove KITT A wavy line of home and slept in the midst, on the road. The next day, neighbors found him in his own brake fluid lying

mourn. David Hasselhoff David Hasselhoff His old companion saw KITT most recently in 2010 when’ Musikantenstadl’, where both had a guest appearance. The car was unrecognizable. He shouted to the singers foul language, and saw his red scanner through their miniskirts

David Hasselhoff is angry about the suicide, which he believes can be prevented would have said.’ When I see that there is a washed-up former star actor in addictions flees and throw his life away, then I will help as it immediately and grab a ! Cheers !’ He emptied a glass of whiskey and then displays sadly at his wrist: The clock, which he KITT could speak of is stopped exactly at the time of death.

confiscated by police surveillance cameras show the tragic accident in detail: Last night around 3 clock put KITT again the Super Pursuit Mode and jumped off a cliff into the sea. His instinct for survival began, he threw one last time his desperate grappling hook in vain. The called mechanic was indeed already after five hours on the scene, but was only able to diagnose a total loss

Throughout the day put fans at the point of death from flowers and spark plugs. KITT is scrapped on Friday at the local junkyard. David Hasselhoff is the grave babble speech. Cited amongst the mourners KITT s castmates Herbie ( Love Bug ), Lightning McQueen ( Cars) and Christine ( Christine ) expects that will play one last chorus of horns in a minor key.

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