Forced closure: Japanese restaurant served for many years raw fish

Forced closure: Japanese restaurant served for many years raw fish

Berlin – The capital is poorer by a sushi restaurant: Due to hygiene grievances Japanese Restaurant Nakamuri Faki in Berlin -Mitte was closed on Thursday by the competent authorities. Employees of official food control of Berlin accuse the operators to have served hundreds of kilograms of raw fish. In addition, the officers found during an inspection shellfish and algae in the kitchen of the restaurant.

‘ I do not understand why their courts have not thrown before serving briefly in the pan or on my behalf in a wok and cooked through properly,’ said one of the competent food inspectors.’ Then they would be spared the trouble.’

Even the horseradish was green mold suspicion ! It seems apparent: The economic situation of the closed restaurant was apparently alarming. So guests only useless wooden sticks were served for dinner instead of proper utensils.

According to the authorities suspect behind the main reason for closure – the raw food – financial problems. This is suggested not least the extortionate prices, which required operators for their fish. Use it has nothing to them now threatening to the closure a hefty fine.

A small consolation: A general decline in quality in the Berlin restaurant scene does not exist. With samples numerous taverns, sausage stalls and kebab shops in terms of doneness fared much better

Although some sushi lovers will regret the closure of Nakamuri Faki, the step for most of them still remains comprehensible. Complain on the website of the restaurant not a few guests about poor service. Self- cooked foods such as fish dishes for rice should be already been cold often when they were served.

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