Football Teams will be replaced by common EU Team

Football Teams will be replaced by common EU Team

Nyon – European integration will bring a football: How the Commissioner for Education and Culture, today announced that the national soccer teams of all Member States of the European Union to be replaced by a single EU team later this year. Even before the exact composition is fixed, the new team already regarded as one of the favorites to win the European Championship 2016th

‘The new team is the expression of our desire to make the European Community finally sporty grow together’, puts it in a joint statement by the EU and UEFA. It is time to end the era of European small states now also in sports. Due to its great popularity the sport of football is intended to play a leading role.

Games probably soon be on the same team: Europeans more disciplines and joint Olympic squad will follow in the coming years

The new team will be formed by the summer from the ranks of all 28 EU Member States, including football nations such as the Netherlands., Spain, Italy and world champions Germany. To ensure absolute fairness, each of the currently existing national teams may nominate a player for the new team.

The coaching job, however, is to rotate in the semi-annual change of the 28 national coaches to start making according to the plan of the UEFA Austria coach Marcel Koller before the post at his Belgian colleague Marc Wilmot goes. Trained alternately in Brussels and Strasbourg.

When considering only those players rumored to Manuel Neuer of Germany, Cristiano Ronaldo for Portugal, Zlatan Ibrahimović for Sweden and Andre Schembri for Malta already set as good as.

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