Flight MH370 disappeared from the news

Flight MH370 disappeared from the news

Berlin The shock is large: Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, until recently, a daily news topic is imaged, disappeared from the media. Relatives of Image , Express , Focus and other editors show appalled by the potential loss of this excellent thread clicked. An alliance of different publishers will now search a large area for signs of life the lost coverage.

‘ There is still a lack of clarity about why after several days, no speculative articles, files and photo galleries were sighted by frantic relatives’, says a spokesman for the Federal Association of German Newspaper Publishers ( BDZV ).’ One of the current theories for the disappearance of coverage include lack of reader interest, one last ounce of journalistic ethics and the overlay by more recent topics.

Even at Focus Online is flight MH370 weeks since disappeared Under readers there is conflicting information about where the subject was last seen. Some eyewitnesses want -Article have spotted it in a Focus Online , which relies on an Australian tabloid, which established new speculation on the basis of statements authorities. There then loses track.

The meanwhile arisen rumor, the World have discovered the issue was now denied by Axel – Springer -Verlag:’ It is true that we’ve recovered the wreckage of an article. These are the terms’ horror’,’ Crash’ and’ disaster’ that we have found here in the standing type they belong, however, to our coverage of the From Brazil to the World Cup.’

The BDZV announced to extend the search in the next few days on Internet forums, conspiracy relevant pages and satire newspapers.

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