Fitness club chain presents three short weeks SUBSCRIPTION New Year’s resolution

Fitness club chain presents three short weeks SUBSCRIPTION New Year's resolution

Frankfurt – For those who want to exercise more in the new year, but now have doubts about their motivation, there is good news: The fitness club chain’ Fit

‘ A six-month or one-year membership is unattractive for many New athletes because they actually need much less time to give up in resignation,’ said Joachim Dresner, Managing Director of Fit’ Thanks to the three-week subscriptions, you can sweat, give up annoyed and meet the rest of the year not constantly reminded of their failure through ongoing subscription fee,’ said Dresner.’ And for just 34,90 € !’

By adapting their services to the needs of customers at the beginning of the fitness industry is not alone. Thus, several manufacturers of nicotine gum and tablets have announced future introduce practical January packs, effective and economical bridge with only two or chewing gum tablets time to relapse a few weeks ago.

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