Fetish madman or completely normal? Half of Germans likes to wear women’s clothes

Fetish madman or completely normal? Half of Germans likes to wear women's clothes

Munich – Germany dares What: As a representative survey of the polling institute Opinion Control revealed contributes about half of the Germans like regular women’s clothes and is not ashamed to admit it. It made ​​no difference, from which age the respondent layer originates.

The range of sometimes secretly, but often quite freely worn in public wardrobes run by female fitting trousers and tops to skirts, high heels and suspenders.

Prof. Heinz Geiwasser, head of the Institute says the new findings detail:’ this fetish is, at least statistically speaking thus arrived at the center of society. Hardly anyone even raises an eyebrow if someone met him today in women’s clothing.

Especially striking is loud Geiwasser that women dresses are now being applied openly in Parliament and in the boardrooms of large German corporations.’ While it would have very few dared in the first parliament of 1949, to appear in women’s clothes, or even in a suit with women’s cut before Parliament today carrying a third of the deputies naturally skirt, dress or blouse.’

Even the usually conservative Chancellor Angela Merkel ( CDU) have already shown themselves publicly in women’s clothes at risk, this would have been received for fear of a scandal, former Chancellor Konrad Adenauer.

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