Female gas – being of Alpha Centauri criticized Miss- Universe – jury as racist

Female gas - being of Alpha Centauri criticized Miss- Universe - jury as racist

Alpha Centauri Bb, Miami – The organizers of the Miss Universe election see serious allegations exposed. So Eg # criticized a9lsg % Hlay Fne’f’, this year’s Miss Alpha Centauri Bb, the jury of the beauty contest in Miami in an interview. As unfair and biased That both all judges and winners of the last 53 years without exception originated from the planet Earth, is no less than a scandal, the very pretty swirling gas mixture.

‘ The fact that a competition aimed’ Miss Universe’ is called, is always held only on Earth for more than half a century, but it is ridiculous’ to Fne’f laments’ ( dimensions: 24 60m / 14-33m / 23-57m, Weight: -900 grams).’ The inhabitants of this meaningless blue planet adhere well to the center of the universe. Typical Milky Way !’

Not considered, even though it is somewhat humanoid: Bbbbb Ghhhhds of Gliese 433 b’s criticism is Fne’f’ not alone. Also beings from other planets in the universe have now made ‚Äč‚Äčtheir displeasure about the event air or gas.’ That’s just the pure racism’, commented about Bbbbb Ghhhhds, the reigning Miss Gliese 433 b, the fact that this year again prevailed a human woman from the planet Earth with the Colombian Paulina Vega.’ Even women of other species are simply ignored by the thoroughly human judges. Or ever has an elegant vixen, a winding manatee or a particularly delicate spider won the prize?’

The organizing committee of the Miss Universe now face legal consequences: Apparently want lots of beauty queens of different physical states from all over the world a class action lawsuit for discrimination and distortion of competition before the Intergalactic Court of Justice ( ICJ ) in 4 Ursae Majoris b submit


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