Federal government is a crisis team to get stars from the jungle

Federal government is a crisis team to get stars from the jungle

Berlin, Sydney – Last Friday was the Federal Republic shaken by the news that eleven B and C celebrities stuck hostage in the Australian jungle. Now the Federal Government has set up a cross-party crisis team to develop solutions, such as the abductees can be freed from their plight as soon as possible.

‘You are stars, we get you out’, said Foreign Minister Frank -Walter Steinmeier, who heads the crisis staff in person today at a press conference.’ A special unit GSG 9 is already on the way to Australia.’

Hope emaciated to the rescue: hostages first investigation has shown that eight German and two Austrian citizens are in the hands of a militant group called’ RTL’, which already by kidnapping semi prominent citizen in the Australian jungle made ​​headlines in the past. Another victim was able to become free and is safe.

Experts suspect that RTL is an abbreviation for’ radical terrorist League’ or’ revenge troupe Lebanon’.

‘ From the terror videos that are broadcast every evening at 22.15 clock, we infer that the celebrities are not going well, ” government spokesman Steffen Seibert announced last night worried.’ Apparently, they have to go through all kinds of humiliation in order to get anything to eat. Volunteer that no man in his right mind would let go with it.’ Under this pressure are already first among the other warring cliques have formed among the hostages

Mocking the hostages also. Kidnappers As yet there is no direct contact with the kidnappers, of which only a badly -shaven man and a tall blonde woman with short hair are known. Although both are fluent in German, but act as if they had learned their cynical hate speech by heart.

The crisis unit of the federal government, meanwhile, has already found that it probably goes to the kidnappers to money.’ The permanent commercial breaks during the terrorist messages and repeated requests, you should call a paid hotline to bail out individual hostages are clear indications’, Steinmeier.

Since Germany must not show blackmail the government advises all German citizens to call in any case in the numbers listed by the kidnappers until all hostages are freed by an armed operation.

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