Extrapolation: 2015 versoffenstes and unproduktivstes year ever

Extrapolation: 2015 versoffenstes and unproduktivstes year ever

Wiesbaden – Germany threatens a bad year at least, if you are to believe the Federal Statistical Office: according to a projection of authority could versoffenste 2015 is the most unproductive year and go down in history and the German economic cost billions. This would be clearly highlighted the available data for year to date.

‘ Extrapolating the data available to us after the first 12 hours of 2015 one is faced with a frightening forecast’, says the head of the Federal Statistical Office, Roderich egeler. It was said that this year, an increase of alcohol consumption expected to at least 6400 percent, with disastrous consequences for the German health care system.

Is 2015 the very top of the menu of the German Labour productivity, however, expected to be a break of more than 90 percent.’ If the current trend continues and continues – as so far this year – is hardly anyone working, Germany is facing the worst recession in its history’, egeler summarizes

But as far as the consumer, will in 2015 an exceptional year.. So the Germans had been taken surprisingly large amounts of loaded rolling tits to him. Even cold that have become raclette cheese in champagne soaked chips and other residues are expected in 2015 near the top of the menu of German

All the same. Around 80 percent of all smokers have given up their 2015 vice. 2014 the managed only 13 percent.

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