Exclusive: As much as Hitler suggested in his diary on #varoufake

Exclusive: As much as Hitler suggested in his diary on #varoufake

Berlin – One of it’s known ahead of everyone else: In a diary entry of 18 March 2015 in exclusively present the postilion , makes Chancellor Adolf Hitler (NSDAP ) no secret of his anger over the alleged’ Varoufake’ the satirist Jan Bohmermann.

‘ Bohmermann seen on YouTube. Beside myself with anger !’, Says the German written in cursive entry that Hitler wrote in the late evening hours.’ Even after hours, no clear word from the press. How these cretins do it, the fake’original’ not to expose as a lie once, is beyond me.’ Among other points Hitler, who had probably recognized the fake one of the first, several artifacts to Varoufakis’ right hand, his lower jaw and the cable its microphone that clearly indicate a forgery by sending Neo magazine Royal.

Also in the chronology of the first publication of the video of the song’ V for Varoufakis’ and mission of Jauch shown by Bohmermann criticized the leaders obvious logic error.’ When staging and propaganda, always make the correct chronology. Goebbels would never undermine such a mistake !’, Said Hitler.

The rest of entry consists largely of abuse of Jewish media packs that are not to be reproduced here. Hitler concludes his entry with his plans for the next day:’ Need distraction. Maybe tomorrow tandem tour with Hermann. If the fat man still fits in his cycling shorts.’

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