Especially for astronauts: NASA developed toothpaste in a tube form

Especially for astronauts: NASA developed toothpaste in a tube form

Washington – Then astronauts have been waiting for the future, it will finally be possible to brush your teeth even in space. This was announced this morning the NASA head Charles Bolden with. In the tubes of toothpaste is NASA engineers were inspired astronaut food that exists in a similar form for decades.

Had no space toothpaste on his missions: Neil Armstrong back due to the lack of oral hygiene in space astronauts returned so far mostly with caries, periodontal disease and severe tartar from their missions. This should now be over: According to Bolden will be the astronauts toothpaste in different versions. Striped, white or green gel are just some of the variations with which astronauts can maintain a bright white smile in all the future.

is cleaned with special NASA’s high-tech toothbrushes schwerelosigkeitsbestandigem colorful plastic bristles in different degrees of hardness. Overall, the space program toothpaste swallowed research funds in the amount of 24 million US dollars. The improved hygienic conditions, international space agencies hope more attractive for the astronaut profession that has so far attracted more outsiders.

With the innovation and the job of the board dentist is no longer necessary, which relies on space stations such as the ISS Expedition astronauts practice in the chord seals and broken teeth pulls, To protect himself, he has had to but after three meals treat yourself.

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