Embarrassing: 99 percent of all elementary school students can not properly infinitesimal

Embarrassing: 99 percent of all elementary school students can not properly infinitesimal

Bonn – it did not even work the schools to teach the simplest things for our children? A recent study by the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics shows that the overwhelming majority of German primary school can not infinitesimalrechnen properly.

Both the differential and integral calculus in 99 percent of subjects aged 6 to 9 years had great difficulties.

Even a simple illustrative representation of the integral as the area under a curve S of the function f on integration from a to b like these students presented problems.’ Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz would turn the face of this staggering results in the grave,’ explains Professor Werner Zoll compared to the postilion .’ Not one of the subjects could determine an antiderivative of the function f with f ( x ) = 1 / x sin ( 2x).’ Even the integral from 0 to ln2 e dx was highly 2x calculate hardly any of the tested primary school children.

Queries from theoretical background knowledge, the elementary school students also bekleckerten not just with glory. Neither knew the majority of children tested the differences between Cauchy integral, Riemannschem integral Stieltjes integral and Lebesgue integral nor were they able to explain the workings of a Taylor series for the representation of a smooth function, or even in an equation to derive mathematically.

first- and second -graders fared particularly badly. Apparently, many of the children understood not even the task, because in the functions for part of the letters were included, they’ not even turn had’ claims to be.

The German Mathematical Society Calls, in view of this desolate results indicate that the subject Infinitesimalrechnen at German primary schools will be informed at least 20 hours per week.

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