Drunkard pirate enjoys only time of the year in which he can show on the road

Drunkard pirate enjoys only time of the year in which he can show on the road

Cologne – Dieter’ Long John’ Muller is as relaxed as rare: The drunken pirate currently celebrating the only day in the year where he can show completely carefree and without disguise in public. The rest of the time, the Cologne does not trust or just silly Zivilistenkostumierung in the street.

Also this Mainzer with Schwellkopf dares finally ago dieTur As a full-time pirate corsair and privateer Muller reaps claims to be normally irritated glances from passersby and police officers, when it is in full gear with a bottle of rum or even a can look crate with prey in public.

But these days, the passionate Rum drinker at all that needs to worry.’ Yarr ! I can even a rusty six-pounder [ field gun, Anm.d.Red. ] Grind through the streets without anyone suspecting draws’, says the 47 -year-old, who since 1983 with his frigate’ makes Loreley’ the Rhine unsure if he not just bored on a long business trip in the Caribbean.’ Besides, I can tilt outdoors a behind the eye patch and I finally do not have to hide myself in some bad Cologne harbor dives.’

afraid that he might be doing spies discovered by his nemesis Bundeswehr Commodore Carsten Stawitzki, he has not. Completely relaxed, he uses the time to recruit to the well-filled streets new sailors even though, turned out most of the highly motivated pirates that he has been hired in retrospect to be completely unsuitable, hungover landlubbers.

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